As a Senior Associate in The Law Office since 1990, Mrs. Anca-Iulia Hanc has considerable expertise as a lawyer, providing juridical assistance for Romanian and foreign clients in domains such as corporate law, insurance law, financial law, land law, civil law, insolvency and bankruptcy, or intellectual property law.

Working alongside Criminal Law specialists, the Office also represents clients and companies involved in criminal law litigations.

Mrs. Hanc’s practical expertise is rooted in academic explorations of international law and human rights aspects. In 1991, she studied at the Inter-University Centre in Dubrovnik, having received a Scholarship grant. She studied at The Centre for Commercial Law Studies at Queen Mary & Westfield College in London on a Postgraduate course in 1992, and attended a Seminary at The International Institute of Human Rights from Strasbourg in 1994.

She has actively participated in conferences regarding new legislation or Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) norms in the insurance domain. Most recently, she authored and presented a paper titled ‘Moral damages in accident insurance’ at the Challenges of the Knowledge Society (CKS 2016) conference.