Hanc Anca-Iulia Law Office offers juridical services in civil law field, specialized in contractual law, intellectual property law, society law and insurance law. Our expertise includes complex new-entry services, contract negotiations and delegation in commercial transactions. Delegation services include litigious representation in front of the Court of any level, all over Romanian territory, and non-litigious representation services in front of different juridical systems, forums and public Romanian institutions.

The Office advises banking and other financial institutions on a wide range of domestic and international finance transactions, such as secured and unsecured loan facilities, bilateral and syndicated, single and multicurrency facilities. We also offer legal advice for our clients on all aspects of managing, operating and controlling relationships with banking institutions, in compliance with applicable foreign exchange controls. These include documentary credit, project loans and debt and equity offerings.

In recent years, our practice specialised on litigation, in particular insurance litigation. The Law Office assisted insurance companies in making the right decision and providing all necessary legal advice in various aspects of insurance litigation. We provided legal assistance in various types of insurance litigations, providing clients with accurate information and representation and avoiding any wrongful court decisions. Our law office obtained numerous favorable irrevocable solutions in files concerning insurance litigations acting for large insurance companies from Romania. In addition to this, our Office has often represented companies at the Trade Register or at the FSA when special permits and licenses were required to perform certain financial/insurance activities.

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